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Our Products

Pentagon 2T Exl: All Types of two stroke engines of mopeds, scooters, motorcycle and three wheelers. Small petrol engine used in sprayers, pumps, small generators, lawn movers etc. it meets API: Tc and JASO FC specifications.

Product Name Application / Uses
Automotive Lubricating Oils
Pentagon Ultra Oils
Pentagon Ultra 10W
Pentagon Ultra 20
Pentagon Ultra 30
Pentagon Ultra 40
Pentagon Ultra 10W-30
Are longer drain engine oils and are recommended in turbo charged diesel engines of heavy duty vehicles. Earth moving equipments etc. can be used as hydraulic fluids in caterpillar hydraulic systems. It meets IS:13656:2002 and API-CD specifications.
Pentagon Ultra KB Oils
Pentagon Ultra KB 10W
Pentagon Ultra KB 30
Ultra KB 10W-30
Are heavy duty engine oils recommended for usage in super charged diesel engines Pentagon
Pentagon Super Plus Oil
Pentagon Super Plus 30/40/50
Pentagon super plus oils are drain engine oils and are recommended in naturally aspirated and high super charged / turbo charged diesel vehicle. It meets IS 13656:2002.API-CD/CF, MAK T-7 Specifications.
Pentagon Super Plus DG 20W-40 Pentagon super plus DG 20W-40 multi grade engine oil having high viscosity index and suits all climatic conditions. It is used in super charged & turbo charged diesel engines. It ideally suited for power generating sets and gasoline engines.
Pentagon RX Super 15W-40 Superior high performance multi grade engine oils having very high viscosity index and recommended for use in all types of diesel powered vehicles ranging from LCV’s to super charged and turbo charged diesel engines. It meet IS 13656:2002 and API-Cf4/SJ specifications.
Pentagon RX Super 15w-40 Extra Extra high performance heavy duty multi grade engine oil specially designed to meet today’s lubricant requirement for turbo charged and naturally aspirated diesel engine as well as petrol units operating in most sever on & off high way application. It meets IS 13565:2002 and APL-CH4-CI4/SL specifications
Pentagon Super 5W30 Superior quality engine oil suitable for aspirated diesel engine operating under service duty and super charged diesel engine. It can be used in all climate conditions.
Pentagon Four Stroke Engine oils
Pentagon Super 4T
Are heavy duty four stroke engine oils recommended for lubrication of engine.
Pentagon Super 10w-30
Pentagon super 10w-40
Gear box wet clutches in 4 stoke vehicles. It is also recommended for usage in Petrol engines with 4 stokes. It meets API-SL/SM, jASO ma2 specifications.
Pentagon Transmission Fluids
Pentagon Trans C3 SAE 30
Pentagon Trans C4 SAE 30
Heavy duty transmission fluids used as a service lubricant for on-highway and off-highway heavy duty automatic transmission. It meets TES 228 specifications
Pentagon Automotive Transmission fluids
Pentagon ATF Type
A premium quality low transmission fluids recommended for automotive transmission and power steering systems of automobiles and for certain earth moving machinery it is also used in synchromesh gear mechanisms. It meets type A, suffix A and D specifications.
Pentagon ATF A+ A premium quality low transmission fluids recommended for automotive transmission and power steering system of automobiles and for certain earth moving machinery. It is also used in synchromesh gear mechanisms. It meets type A, and Dextron D specifications.

Pentagon Racool: Pentagon Racool is a superior quality nitrite, amine, silicate, borate and phosphate free long lasting new generation ready to use anti freeze radiator coolant based on ethylene glycol. PENTAGON RACOOL was developed to protect car, truck, bus and modern combustion engines of both ferrous and aluminum construction and overheating. It meets JIS k – 2234 specifications

Pentagon CNG Engine Oil: Premium quality low ash oil used in passenger cars and heavy vehicles operated by CNG engines. It is fortified with TBN booster to provide excellent protection against correction effects of halogen compounds present in gas.

Pentagon LMO-704/804 In ALCO and GM locomotives fitted with silver lined bearings.
Pentagon Front Fork Oil premium quality oil specially formulated for use in front forks of all motor cycles and has marked anti wear characteristics and excellent damping characteristics.
Pentagon Shock Absorber Oil Premium product having high aniline point and excellent seal compatibility recommended for use in shock absorbers.
Pentagon Gear ST 90/ ST 140 Are straight mineral type gear oil used in automobile axles, manual transmission and final drive of vehicle not required EP type oil. It meets API-GL-1 specifications.
Pentagon Gear EP 80W
Pentagon Gear EP 90
Pentagon gear EP 140
Are hypoid extreme pressure gear oils used in hypoid, spiral bevel or worm gear transmission system of cars, buses and trucks requiring EP type lubricants it meets IS 1118:1992 RA:2004 and API-GL-4 specifications. Due to its very low pour point, it can be used in power transmission system of vehicles operating at sub zero temperature.
Pentagon Gear super 90 / 140 Are heavy duty hypoid gear oil used in hypoid gear differentials, mechanicals transmissions drive axles operating under sub zero temperature. It meets IS 1118:1992 RA: 2004 APL-GL-5 specifications.
Pentagon Gear Super 80W
Pentagon Gear Super 80W-90
Due to their very low pour pont, they can be used in power transmission system of vechicles operating at sub zero temperature
Pentagon Special CTG SAE 60 Premium heavy duty SAE 60 grade lubricant for use in final drivers and axles of modern caterpillar off road equipment operatingin severe conditionS.
Industrial Lubrication Oils
Pentagon Line 22
Pentagon Line 32 / 46 / 68
Pentagon Line 100
Pentagon Line 150 / 220
Pentagon Line 320 / 460
Are General Purpose machinery oils recommended in all type of industries machinery using once through lubrication system of machine tools, textile machinery and other machine parts, Heavier grade of pentagon line oil can be used in the lubrication of small open grease. It meets IS 493 part 1-1981, RA:2004 specification.
Pentagon Line 32 / 46 / 57
Pentagon Perfect 68 / 76 / 100
Are Premium quality turbine oil used for lubrication of steam, gas and hyderulic turbiner in hydralic system Pentagon Perfect oils have good emulsibility and have the ability to release the entrained air quickly. It meet Is 493 part -1:1981, RA:2002 RA:2005 specification.
Pentagon Press 32
Pentagon Press 46
Pentagon Press 68
Pentagon Press 100 150 / 220 / 320
Pentagon Press oils are specially developed comprosser oil, which provide satisfactory lubrication under, prolonged high temperatures and heavy load conditions and used in high performance reciprocating and rotary air compressors. These oils can be used up to 220 °C air discharge temperature. It meets IS meets 13256:1992 RA:2004 specification.
Pentagon Spindle 2
Pentagon Spindle 5
Pentagon Spindle 12
Pentagon Spindle 15
Pentagon Spindle 22
Pentagon Spindle oil are manufactured from highly refinded low viscodity base stocks and recommended for bearing lubrication of high speed spindless and machine tool spindles and machine, tool spindles. SPINDLE oils are also recommended for timing gearse, positive displacement browers and tracer machanism and hyderulic systems of precision machine tools, it meets IS 4930 part -ii RA:2004 specification.
Pentagon Spindle 5 Plus Low Vicosity oil recommended for bearing lubrication of high speed textile spindles and machine tool spindles.
Pentagon Gear SP 68
Pentagon Gear SP 100
Pentagon Gear SP 150
Pentagon Gear SP 220
Pentagon Gear SP 257
Pentagon Gear SP 320
Pentagon Gear SP 460
Pentagon Gear SP 680 / 1000
Pentagon gear Sp oil are Entreme pressure type industrial gear oil recommended for all heavy duty enclosed gear drives with circulation or splash lubrication system opertaing under heavy or shock load conditions up to a temperature of 100 °C. It is also used for oplain and roller bearing , Sliding surface, chain drives, sprockets, flwxible couplling employing splash, requiring EP type oils. It meet IS 8406:1993, RA:2006 specification.
Pentagon Hydro System 15 / 22
Pentagon Hydro System 32 / 37
Pentagon Hydro System 46
Pentagon Hydro System oil are high quality anti-wear hydraulic oil recommended of hydraulic system due to excellent lubrication characteristics ans a wide variety of circulation system of industrial and automotive
Pentagon Hydro System 57
Pentagon Hydro System 68 / 81
Pentagon Hydro System 100
Pentagon Hydro System 150
Pentagon Hydro System 220
Pentagon Hydro System 320
Pentagon Hydro System 460
Equipment Pentagon Hydro System oils are recommended for hyderaulic systems used wide variety of circulation syatem of industrial and automotive equipments and for compressor crankcase lubrication, but are not recommended fir lubrication and equipments having silver coated components, pentagon hydro system 220/320/460 recommended for circulation systems, wherever lubrication characteristics are essentail particularly in paper mills plastic film calendars coal pulverisers etc. pentagon hydro system oil are used in compressors, machine tool, hyderaulic and circulation systems and enclosed gear boxes which do not require EP type lubricants, pentagon hydro systems oil meets IS: 1052-1983, RA: 2002, DIN 51524 part - 2 specification.
Pentagon Hydro-G 32 / 37
Pentagon Hydro-G 46
Pentagon Hydro-G 68
Pentagon Hydro-G 100
Pentagon Hydro-G 150 / 220
Pentagon Hydro-G 320 / 460
Pentagon Hydro G oils are high quality Rust and oxidation (R&O Type) inhibited lubricants recommended for hydraulic systems, Circulating system of industrial gear boxes, Air compressors requiring Turbine quality oil and for palin and anti friction bearing of turbo feed pumbs, turbo blowers etc.. pentagon hydro G oils meet IS 3098:1993 & DIN 51524 part-1 specification.
Pentagon Hydro system HLP 22 / 32
Pentagon Hydro system HLP 46
Pentagon Hydro system HLP 57 / 68
Pentagon Hydro system HLP 100
Pentagon Hydro system HLP oil and premium quality anti wear hydraulic oil recommended for sophisticated Hydraulic systems, electro-hydraulic or numberically control system due to outstanding characteristics oil can be as screw compressors oil particularly in Elgi and Atlascapco make screw compressors and machines lika automats, CNCs in Hydraulic presses which has hydraulic system requiring special purpose Anti-wear oil since, HLP oil show very low wear in vane pump water test. Hydro system HLP oil good demulsibility and excellent filterability. have high viscosity index, and a very low pour point (-21°C), so that the oil can be used in cold climatic conditions pentagon Hydrosystem HLP oil meet IS 11656: 1986, RA:2002. DIN-51524 part 2&3 specification.
Pentagon Hydro System H 15 / 22
Pentagon Hydro System H 32
Pentagon Hydro System H 37
Pentagon Hydro System H 46
Pentagon Hydro System H 57
Pentagon Hydro System H 68 / 100
Pentagon Hydro System H oils are premium quality performance anti-wear hydraulic oil engineered for wide temperature range applications. Pentagon Hydro system H to work with the system Operating under severe conditions and used in Hitachi excavators and L&T poclain excavators Pentagon hydro system H oil meet IS 11656:1986, RA;2002, DIN - 51524 aprt 2&3 applications
Pentagon Friztech 15
Pentagon Friztech 22
Pentagon Friztech 32
Pentagon Friztech 46 / 57 / 68 / 100
For a wide range of refrigeration compressor using all conventional refrigerants except sulphur - dioxide and are the suitable for both reciprocating as well as rotary comprosser used in refrigerants system operating above the pour point of the oil. It meets IS 4578:1997, RA-2004 specification.
Pentagon Friztech F 32 / 57 / 68 Pentagon Friztech have very low freon floc point. Recommended for the lubrication of hermatically scaled refrigeration compressor. It meets IS 4578:1997, RA:2004 specification.
Pentagon Way 32
Pentagon Way 68
Pentagon Way 100/220
These oils are excellent products for slide way lubrication of planers, Grinders, Horizontal boring machining jig, borers, etc. This oils is also recommended for Lubrication of gears by oil can.
Pentagon Way H 32
Pentagon Way H 57/ H 68
These oils hydraulic cum machine tool way lubricants recommended for Machines having combined hydraulic and way lubrication system.
Pentagon Neum 100/ 220
Pentagon Neum 220
For lubrication of penematic equipments such as rock drill, jack hammers, chippers, wagon drills etc, and are also used in small in plant pneumatic Tools like ginders, filling tools, tappers, impact wrenches etc.
Pentagon Cyln C 460
Pentagon Cyln C 680
Pentagon Cyln C 1000
Pentagon Cylinder oils are compounded type steam cylinder oil having excellence oiliness and flim strength properties. These oils are used for cylinder lubrication of stream engines using highly super heated steam and also in oils Tempering and wire drawing applications. It meets IS 1589:1994, RA:2004 Specifications.
Pentagon Hivac Vm4
Pentagon Hivac VM4 HR
Oil is Specially developed vacuum pump oil having low vapour pressure HR(1x10 – 6mm of mercury) and high thermal stability. It can be used in high Vacuum producing diffusion pumps.
Industrial Speciality Oils
Pentagon Quench 11/39 Pentagon Quench 11/39 is a general purpose Quenching oil recommended For normal quenching on wide variety of steel parts such as nuts, bolts, bail Bearing and certain type of brake drums etc.. it means IS 2664:1980, RA:2004 specification
Pentagon Quench 11/39 Pentagon Quench 11/39 is a general purpose Quenching oil recommended For normal quenching on wide variety of steel parts such as nuts, bolts, bail Bearing and certain type of brake drums etc.. it means IS 2664:1980, RA:2004 specification
Pentagon Quench Heavy Pentagon Quench heavy is a special purpose quenching oil recommended for quenching on manufacturing process like gears, tools, dies and bearings.
Pentagon Quench 180 It is recommended for the mass production of high precision, high quality products such as bearing races, automotive gears and components.
Pentagon Quench 180 It is recommended for the mass production of high precision, high quality products such as bearing races, automotive gears and components.
Pentagon Quench C 40 Is general purpose compounded Quenching oil recommended for quenching of component where higher quenching speeds are required.
Pentagon Quench – 26T Additive type faster quenching oil fortified with superior assistive to provide faster cooling rates in cold quenching operations. It is recommended for quenching on wide variety of steel parts and such as nuts, bolts, ball bearing and certain type of brake drums etc…
Pentagon Quench – 26G Additive type fast quenching oil fortified with sophisticated additive recommended for fast quenching of a variety of steel components in major industries.
Pentagon RP 350
Pentagon RP 450
Pentagon RP 550
Pentagon RP-350, RP-550 solvents deposited water displacing fluids recommended for protection of machine tools and components of ferrous metals and its alloys and brass, pentagon Rust preventive oils meets IS:1154:2000, PA:2005 specifications.
Pentagon Rp 650 Rp- 650 solvent based water displacing fluid can be applied to water wet metal surfaces to displace water.
Pentagon RP 330
Pentagon RP 3302
Rp-330 & Rp-3302 Mineral oil based water displacing fluids etc.. and also for internal protection of gear boxes and hydraulic systems.
Pentagon RPX-1, RPX-2
Pentagon RP X-3?RP XX-1
Superiors quality soft waxy film solvent deposited deposited water displacing fluids recommended for rust prevention severe environmental conditions such as salty and humid atmosphere.
Pentagon RP-230 Low viscosity, premium quality rust and corrosion preventive fluids with very good drawing properties offering excellent cooling effects metal pressing works and marked protection for cold rolled steel against rust.
Pentagon Therm 100
Pentagon Therm 500
Pentagon Therm Heavy
Pentagon Therm Oils are oxidation inhibited mineral oils recommended for usage Heat transfer systems operating at a maximum temperature of 300 to 315 dg C.

Pentagon Therm Synth 5-5: Oils is a high performance synthetic heat transfer fluid used in closed circuit and pressure less heat. Transfer systems operating at -25 deg C to maximum temperature of 290 deg C. PENTAGON THERM SYNTH 5-5 oil is based on careful blend of synthetic fluid and selected very High performance additives that provide excellence protection against thermo – oxidative of oil. PENTAGON THERM SYNTH 5- 5 oil possess high viscosity index and very low pour point that results in minimum variation of viscosity with change in temperature and the oil is pumpable at very low temperature and the oil is pumpable even at very low temperature of -25 deg C.

Pentagon Cool Cut S Oil is water soluble cutting for a variety of cutting operations of ferrous and non ferrous metals. It meets IS:1115-1986 RA:2002 specifications oil forms milky white emulsion in water. It Possess anti-rusting. Anti-corrosive pentagon cool cut (ECO) and additives to prevent bacterial growth in the emulsion. It is pentagon cool cut supper recommended to be used in 5% (1:20 ratio) emulsion in water (Having maximum hardness 400ppm).
Pentagon Cool Cut S (ECO) Pentagon Cool Cut S (ECO) is pentagon cool cut supper a high performance eco friendly water soluble cutting oil as it does not contain heavy chlorine, Nitrite, heavy metals or phenols. It possess anti resting , anti-corrosive and biocide additives to prevent bacterial growth in the Emulsion. It is recommended to be used in 5%(1:20 ratio) emulsion in water (having maximum hardness 400ppm).
Pentagon Cool Cut Super HWC Oils are superiors performance mineral oils based metal working fluid Specially developed for high hardness water and compatible even at 800ppm.
Premium quality semi synthetic metal working fluid for use on both ferrous and non ferrous metal for mild to heavy duty metal and non ferrous metal for mild to heavy duty metal working application. It Suits well in hard water up to 800ppm.
Pentagon Neat Cut 945/40 For machining operation of high tensile stainless steel as well as nickel- Chromium alloys on automats, gear cutting, hobbing , drilling / reaming and thread cutting machines. Not recommended for use on non ferrous metals.
Pentagon Neat Cut SAF For grinding BTA boring and ejector boring systems, hobbing, gear sharing etc… Recommended for high degree & heat dissipation and efficient swarf removal are required . not recommended for use on cuprous use on cuprous metals and nickel alloys.
Pentagon Neat Cut 111
Pentagon Neat Cut 123
In deep hole boring deep hole drilling including gun drilling and tapping operations when pressurized coolant systems is employed for effective
Pentagon Neat Cut 123 Hy swarf removal and cooling effects. In deep hole boring of stainless. Pentagon neat cut 111 is also recommended for broaching application. They are recommended for use only on ferrous materials and not on non-ferrous materials.
Pentagon Neat cut B/BR In flute grinding and drills, reamers and form grinding tools which involve servere metal and grinding where processing, it can be user on both ferrous and non ferrous metals.
Pentagon Neat Cut 480
Pentagon Neat Cut 481
Pentagon Neat Cut 482 / 480L / 481L / 430L
Are non-staining type low viscosity neat cutting oils recommended for honing, Cutting and grinding where low viscosity oil is required, recommended for both ferrous and non ferrous metals.
Pentagon Neat Cut 156 light
Pentagon Neat Cut 156 Special
Pentagon Neat Cut 156 LOL
Pentagon Neat Cut 156 SOL
Are non-staining type neat cutting oil recommended for extreme pressure, moderate and high temperature cutting operations on high speed machine. They are recommended for gear hobbing gear sharing, screw cutting, tapping, milling and reming etc and recommended for use both ferrous for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
Pentagon Neat Cut 32
Pentagon Neat Cut22
For general cutting, tapping milling operation recommended for both ferrous and non ferrous metals
Pentagon Neat Cut Clear
Pentagon Neat Clear Light
Pentagon Neat Clear Medium
Pentagon Neat cut oils for mild duty operations, recommended for both ferrous and non ferrous metals.
Pentagon Neat Cut AL Low viscosity oil recommended for aluminum wire drawing application.
Pentagon Neat Cut 150 CF
Pentagon Neat Cut 180 CF
Pentagon Neat Cut 180 CF Extra
Metal working fluid recommended for cold forging operations and gives excellent performance when used for cold reducing stainless tube and keep drawing stainless and high nickel alloys.
Pentagon Neat Cut 945 HI-Q Odourless and environment for cold forging metal working fluid recommended for machining operations on high tensile stainless as well as Ni-cr alloys on automats gear cutting , hobbing, drilling, reaming & thread cutting operations.
Pentagon Neat Cut 100-A Special Purpose non-staining straight cutting oil designed for general machining on all metals.
Pentagon Neat Cut 481LL High Performance , low viscosity, sulphur and chlorine free metal working fluid recommended for honing metals of more difficult nature.
Pentagon Neat Cut 40-H Neat Cutting oil recommended for machining operations on automats, gear cutting, hobbing, drilling, reaming thread cutting and thread rolling machines which requires high viscosity oils.

Pentagon MDC-15: Special tailor made non-staining metal working fluid used in metal forming process like pressing, stamping, deep drawing, wire drawing, tube drawing and forging.

Pentagon SS-2: Specially developed low viscosity oil used as calibration fluid in diesel injection.

Pentagon Steel Roll-20: Superior quality oil specialy blended for cold rolling of alloys steel, Nickel, Chromium and stainless steels.

Pentagon Knitting oil: Specially developed for knitting machines, completely soluble in water, easily scour able and leaves no staining fabric scouring.

Pentagon oil SE-110: Is Premium quality EDM blended from highly refined mineral oil with idea viscosity and high flash point specially developed for use in electrical discharge machine and provides effective EDM operation.

Pentagon Marine 301
Pentagon Marine 401
Pentagon Marine V301
Pentagon Marine V401
Superior quality marine Engine oil having TBN value of 10 recommended for Combined crack use and cylinder lubrication of medium speed marine diesel engine operating on distillates and residual fuel having sulphur content up to 1.0%.
Pentagon Marine 302
Pentagon Marine 402
Pentagon marine V302 / V402
Superior quality engine oil having TBN value of 20 and recommended for highly rates turbo charged medium speed. Trunk piston. Diesel engines operating on diesel fuel or residual fuel or with sulphur content up to 2.0%.
Pentagon Marine 303
Pentagon Marine 403
Pentagon Marine V 303
Superior quality marine engine oil having TBN value of 32 and used in new generation highly rated turbo charged medium speed trunk piston engines operating on diesel fuel or residual fuel with sulphur content up to 3.0%.
Pentagon Marine V 405 High performance 50 TBN extra heavy marine trunk piston engine oil designed for used in marine and stationery power engines.

Pentagon Marine H 32 / H 46 /H 68 /100: Recommended for hydraulic system of deck machinery, Steering Gears, Hatch Covers, Compressor Lubrication, Turbo blowers etc…

Pentagon Marine Gear HP 100 / 150 / HP 220 / HP 320: For all heavy duty enclosed gear drives with force speed or splash lubrication HP systems operating under heavy or shock load conditions.

Pentagon RPO Medium
Pentagon RPO Heavy
Used for rubber process industries viz, Manufacturers of automobiles tyres, tread rubber other dark color rubber goods like rubber bushes, battery casings etc..
Pentagon RPO-PC 32
Pentagon PRO-PC 70
Pentagon PRO-PC 460
These oils are recommended as ingredients for manufacturing various rubber products from both natural as well as synthetic rubber and automotive tube manufacturing units.
Product name Application / uses
Pentagon AP3 / AP2 Grease General equipment & machinery grease widely used in steel plants, heavy engineering units, textile mills, petrochemical units etc.
Pentagon WB Grease For Lubrication of parts of cars, heavy/light commerical vehicle industrial equipments etc.
Pentagon EPOO / EPO / EP1 / EP2 grease Lithium base extreme pressure grease with exterme pressure additive recommended for use in automotive, earth moving equipment, gear coupling, electric motors mining equipment and general industrial machineries.
Pentagon Chassis Grease For general non-critical lubrication in automotive lubricants, farm machinery, trucks, buses, cars etc..
Pentagon HT Greases Non – soap base grease having high dropping point, excellent oxidative & thermal stability used widely steel plants such as coupling, run out rolls, heavy engineering units, blavers and cold rolling mills.
Pentagon HTXX Greases Non –soap base grease with moly Di Sulphide having high drop point, excellent thermal & oxidation stability used in steel plants, heavy engineering units, hot rolling mills, cement plants, refractory kilns.
Pentagon Super HT Grease Smooth homogenous high temperature grease suitable for steel plant application such as continuous casters, Couplings, run out rolls blowers etc.. also suitable for milling industries. Due to excellent flow properties, it is most suitable for centralized lubrication systems.
Pentagon Graphite Grease i, ii, iv, o Calcium base grease with graphite as filter having excellent lubricity recommended for hyderulic rams, plunges, sliders, elevator cables, pantograph pans, leaf spring.
Pentagon Moly Grease : Lithium base grease compound with moly Di sulphide which provides protection to moving parts under severe shock load conditions and recommended for chassis fittings. Wheel bearing, cups and other lubrications points in passenger cars, truck, buses, farm tractors, mobile construction as well as earth moving machinery. It is also suitable for industrial applications.
Pentagon Long Life / Automotive Grease Premium quality lithium soap grease recommended for lubrication of anti-fabrication bearing for locomotives and electric motors to give longer service life.
Pentagon Silicon Grease Non-soap base grease fortified with high performance additive suitable for high temperature application and ideal choice for continuous casters, couplings, run out rolls etc…
Pentagon Low Temperature Grease Non-soap base grease compound with special additive which causes to grease be used in cold climatic condition and applicable to those machinery where working temperature is very low.
Pentagon Rust Preventive Grease Lithium base grease special rust inhibitor, suitable for ball hub, ball casing, coupling, run out rolls which work at high temperature and for those machinery where working temperature is very low.
Pentagon CV Joint Grease Lithium base grease with contains special EP additive & specially developed for constant velocity joints and provide superiors wear protection to various parts of the joints such as axis pin, ball hub and ball casing.
Lithium Complex Grease Pentagon LCS/LC1/ grease is lithium complex soap multipurpose EP grease. It has excellent water resistant property and good shear stability. Pentagon LC Grease has high temperature propertied and suitable for ball and roller bearing lubrication where long life and trouble free performance are required. Pentagon LC Grease is recommended for use in steel plants, mining and engineering industries.
Food Grade Grease Non-soap base grease specially developed for food machinery & can be used in various food industries like beverage, bakeries & other food processing industry for the gear, conveyor, chain applications.