Semitom Service

Metal Working Fluid

Category Brand Name Water Hardness* Application** Alloy Operation
Hard Soft Light Medium Heavy Ferrous Non Ferrous
Ester based Microemilsion SEMITOM CAS 9001 Multipurpose machining
and grinding of cast iron,
steel, and high alloy steel.
Turning, Drilling, Milling,
Reaming, Broaching, and
Ester based Microemilsion SEMITOM AL 9002 General purpose machining
and grinding of Aluminium
component and steel.
Semi - Synthetic
(High oil containing ester based)
SEMITOM COOL 100 Suitable for all general metal
working operations like
Broching Gun Drilling, Reaming,
Tapping, Creep Feed, Grinding,
Hobbings of Cast Iron, Steel
and High - alloyed Steel


Combination of anionic and non - ionic emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors with extra - performance


Amber coloured liquid

Flash Point

100 ° C

pH Value (5% in DI Water)


Emulsion Stability (5% in water)

Soft water(300ppm) Stable and clear emulsion

Hard water(800ppm) Stable and clear emulsion


Semitom is a perforance package designed of most processig of cast iron, carbon, steel and alloy steel. The extra performance additives ensure that the emsulion produced is clear, extremely stable in hard and soft water, gives excellent corrosion and biostability


High microbiological resistance.

Low foaming tendency and good tolerant to water quality.

Outstanding corrosion protection.

Good Wetting and cooling performance can decrease coolant loes, and keep tool and work piece clean.

Operator and environment friendly

No damage to paint, compatible with sealing material of equipment.

Recommended Concentration

Normal machining 4-6%

Difficult machining 8-10%

Grinding 3-5%

Storage and handling

Store in sealed containers.

Avoid storage above 40 °C.

Shelf: 1 years