Automotive And Industrial Greases

General equipment & machinery grease widely used in steel plants, heavy engineering units, textile mills , petrochemical units etc.

For lubrications of part of cars, heavy /light commercial vehicles industrials equipments etc.

For general non-critical lubrication in automotive lubricants, farm Machinery, Truck,Cars etc.

Lithium Base Extreme pressure grease with extreme pressure additive recommended for use in automotive, earth moving equipment, gear coupling, electric motors mining equipment and general industrial machineries.

Non-soap base grease having high dropping point, excellent oxidative & thermal stability used widely in steel plants such as couplings, run out rolls, heavy engineering units, blavers and cold rolling mills.

Non-base grease with moly di sulphide having high drop point, excellent thermal & oxidation stability used in steel plants, heavy engineering units, hot rolling mills, cement plant, refractory kilns.

Smooth homogenous high temperature grease suitable for steel plant application such as continuous casters, couplings, oscillators, run out rolls blowers etc., also suitable for mining industries. Due to excellent flow properties, it is most suitable for centralized lubrication system.

Calcium base grease with graphite as filler having excellent lubricity recommended for hydraulic rams, plunges ,slides, elevators cables, pantograph pants, leaf springs.

Lithium base grease compound with moly di sulphide which provides protection to moving parts under server shock load conditions and recommended for chassis fitting, wheel bearing, grease cups and other lubrications points in passenger cars, trucks, buses, farm tractors, mobile constructions as well as earth moving machinery. It is also suitable for industrial application.

Premium quality lithium soap grease recommended for lubrication of anti-friction bearings for locomotives and electric motors to give longer service life.

Non-soap base grease fortified with high performance additive suitable for high temperature application and ideal choice for continuous casters, couplings, run out rolls etc.

Non-soap base grease compound with special additives which causes the grease to be used in cold climatic condition and applicable to those machinery where working temperature very low

Lithium base grease which contains special rust inhibitor, suitable for ball casting, coupling, run out rolls which work at high temperature and for those machinery where high salinity is maintained.

Lithium base grease which contains special EP additive & specially developed for constant velocity joints and provide superior wear protection to various part of the joint such as axis pin, ball hub and ball casting.

Pentagon LC2 / LC1/ grease is lithium complex soap multipurpose EP grease. It has excellent water resistant property and good shear stability. Pentagon LC Grease has high temperature properties and suitable for ball & roller bearing lubrication where long life and trouble free performance are required. Pentagon LC Grease is recommended for use in steel plants. Mining and Engineering industries.

Non-soap base grease specially developed for food machinery & can be used in various food industries like beverage, bakeries & other food processing industry for their gear, conveyor, chain application.

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